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For example quite a few of the companies in the motor insurance business do not appreciate the cost of some of these vehicles can be well over 45,000 pounds so therefore it’s not very possible the cover all the extra features that make up the motorhome, and because of the fact that many of these vehicles run on LPG or a mixture of LPG and normal petrol, there is another risk of maybe a gas explosion to take into account. For most people having the ownership of a motorhome is a dream come true, and as you well might know these vehicles can come at a very expensive price. After the purchase of a house, these luxury filled motorhomes are perhaps one of the most expensive things you will buy during the course of your life. When you are using you motorhome it is at the mercy of the elements, and of course the conditions of the road, not only here in the United Kingdom, but abroad as well, as many motorhome owners take a great pleasure in having extended holidays on the continent. Your vehicle is your little palace, your home away from home, and as such will often include inside lots of life’s little luxuries and your valuables, which as we know, thieves are aware of this, and so your prized motorhome can be magnet to would be robbers and thieves.

So in effect you want to protect your investment to best of your ability and the best way you can, and getting good insurance for your vehicle is paramount. So it is therefore advisable to go to a specialist when obtaining motorhome insurance, make sure they are knowledgeable and can answer your questions that you have, and that they have the experience in this field of motoring insurance. You also might want to make sure that your motorhome is covered if you are thinking of taking your vehicle abroad, and for how long is this cover for on any one trip. Some insurers will put in the amount of days that they will cover you for, so look at the fine print and make sure that if you do want to take an extended trip, say for the whole of the summer in Europe you have the insurance in place so that you are covered. Usually you will find a good motorhome insurance policy will have with the insurance an International Motor Insurance Card, which will list the countries that your cover has been extended to. For further information regarding motor home insurance visit 2019 dodge challenger car cover.

Motor home Insurance Top Tips

It may seem that the policy is very similar, but it could leave you without the correct cover. For example – a specialist motorhome insurance policy will cover your camping equipment as well as your vehicle. Options such as new for old cover are often limited under a car policy. Another consideration when comparing insurance policies for your motorhome is whether breakdown cover is included. As with any breakdown service, the one provided with your motorhome insurance policy could prove invaluable should your motorhome breakdown whilst on holiday. Good questions to ask your breakdown provider is whether there are length or weight restrictions for the service they provide and whether they have coverage in Europe. You may think you have been sold specialist motorhome breakdown cover, only to find that your vehicle is too long or too heavy to be recovered, leaving you stranded. If you secure your motorhome with an alarm or tracking device, look for insurance companies that will recognise this and reward you with insurance discounts. You should also be able to earn a no claims discount on your policy and even get a discount for being a member of a motorhome club or online forum, so check what discounts you are entitled to.

Extra cover benefits such as European cover and European breakdown may be available at extra cost, therefore, if you don’t plan to travel outside the UK, you could ask for these benefits to be removed, saving you money on your premium. Another way to reduce your premium is to limit the mileage in your motorhome each year or increase your voluntary excess if this is possible. When ringing around for insurance quotes, remember to ask the right questions and only pay for the cover you need. Heather Robinson of Caravan Guard Limited. Caravan Guard Limited specialise in motorhome insurance. For more information on insuring your motorhome,

Motorhome Hire Holidays in France

France is the number one destination for tourists to visit, most have an idea of the specifics, Paris, the Cote D’Azur, but there is so much to explore that motorhome hire holidays in France make a lot of sense and open the country up to a greater range of exploration than a more static holiday. The size of France is simply staggering compared to our little British Isles, the climate, people, culture and geography are as diverse as you’d imagine, from the fiercely independent culture of the Basques with their border with Spain to the still very German influenced Alsace, where the architecture and food could easily be mistaken for their eastern neighbour. The transport system for the country is fantastically developed, auto-routes abound, making a full crossing of the country possible in about 12 to 14 hours, allowing an independent visitor in possession of a motorhome to cover much more ground than someone reliant on public transport – which quite frankly can be prone to strikes, especially when it’s the most inconvenient. Not only are the roads of a great standard the many campsites around the country are in great condition because this way of life is very popular in France, whether you want a site with all the mod cons from wi-fi and swimming pools or nothing more than a secluded field, most communities, from the smallest alpine hamlet to the largest metropolitan city, will have provision for the motorhome driver. France is an excellent place to take a motorhome holiday and such a great country you will want to keep on visiting to take in the varied attractions impossible to find anywhere else in the world.

Extended Car Warranty

I was on a search for an extended car warranty for my wife’s new Genesis. I entered my search term into Google and the results were mind boggling. There was so much information I was unsure where to start. How is anyone supposed to be able to figure out what they need without spending a huge amount of time sifting through all the information? I am lucky because I know the industry, but for someone who has no idea about this sort of thing I can see how frustrating it could be to figure out just what makes an extended car warranty a good value. I figured I would lend a helping hand by offering some advice and guidelines you can use to help you make your decision and sort through all the information out there. One of the first things to do when searching for an extended car warranty is to take a look at your vehicle.

– Look at your manufacturer’s warranty.

– The features and extras your vehicle is equipped with.

What is the manufacturer’s warranty on your vehicle? For the Genesis the warranty is a 5 year/60,000 mile warranty with full coverage. This sounds pretty good. In fact it is one of the most extensive and longest warranties offered today. The reality is that for most vehicles the components tend to start breaking down and need repairs just when the warranty expires. The whole idea of the warranty is to handle defects in components and not to protect from deterioration over time and with extensive use. This is the reason it is so important to think beyond that manufacturer’s warranty and to get coverage that will protect you once it has expired. This will save you money out of pocket and also save you from all the hassles of trying to get repairs handled. It is a good idea to not wait for the manufacturer’s warranty to run out because with age and mileage on a car it is more difficult to find an extended warranty and get a good price for it. If you buy early then you will get the best price and the most extensive coverage in an extended car warranty. Think about the extra features that your car has. What special systems is your car equipped with? Do you have any of these:

– navigation system?

– anti-lock brakes?

– backup camera?

– electronic stability control?

– blind spot information system?

– Microsoft Sync?

– hybrid fuel system?

– monitoring system for tire pressure?

– collision avoidance system?

– four wheel drive?

– turbo?

Vehicles keep getting more advanced. The idea is to make life easier with all these extra features and to make vehicles safer. In the process of doing this, though, the manufacturer’s are making it more difficult to repair these well equipped vehicles. When you read harder also think more costly. Look over your vehicle for these extras and keep in mind that they may make your life easier, but they can be expensive to fix. This can make it even more necessary to have an extended car warranty that will offer you coverage for such things. Do not hesitate to examine your coverage contract to be sure that you have coverage for all the components. Your covered components will be listed in there somewhere and you need to know what is covered under your extended car warranty. Once you figure out what you need for your specific vehicle you will want to consider your own needs.

Extra features and benefits

– Price

You should know what type of additional things you would like to be included in your extended car warranty or as it is often called mechanical breakdown coverage. Each extended car warranty offers additional things in the contract. Good things that should be in a quality extended car warranty are:

– Roadside assistance available 24 hours

– Coverage for a rental car

– Protection for tires

– Trip interruption

For most people the most important extras on this list are the roadside assistance and the rental car coverage. These things are pretty much essentials because they are the ones that you will most likely get the most use out of. Roadside assistance there for you to call when you need a tow to get it repaired and the rental car coverage ensures you will have something to drive while your vehicle is being repaired. Tire protection is great for getting tires repaired or replaced. Trip interruption is nice because it helps with meals and accommodations if you break down when away from home. Cost is a main factor in anything we buy. Buying an extended car warranty is something where cost will be a factor. Extended car warranty prices can vary and will ally be based on your vehicle’s condition and repair history. The underwriter will do some research into your vehicle to look for these factors that will be considered when computing the price of your warranty coverage. The cost will also reflect expenses of the underwriter. If the provider has an administrative company separate from its main company then this will also add to the price. Ideally you want to find a provider that is the underwriter and the administrator so that you can avoid extra expenses tacked onto your price. You don’t want to pay extra for their expenses. Plus having everything with one company under one roof saves time and prevents hassles and confusion when you actually get your warranty and need to get repairs done.

It is not simple to find the right extended car warranty. I have a lot of experience with buying warranties and trying to find that perfect extended car warranty. I had to spend a lot of researching. Today you can easily do research online. To give you an idea let me share who I use. I use Mercury Insurance Group and here is why:

– This company is the underwriter and administrator.

– The company has been in business for quite a while.

– The company has built up great assets and is stable.

– They offer reasonable prices.

– They give those popular extra features.

– They also offer a variety of options and coverage levels.

You don’t have to listen to me, though. Do research on your own. You will find a lot of useful information on our sit. You can use it all to help you along with finding the right extended car warranty. You can also give us a call if you have questions. My name is Kirk Steele and I want to personally welcome you to our website. I have 30 + years of experience in this industry. I formerly sold quality extended vehicle warranties through financial institutions to their customers or members via Steele Insurance Services Inc. I sold that agency a few years ago and now I’m pleased to offer quality extended vehicle warranty products direct to the public via this website and our offices in Laguna Hills, Ca. My mission with this website is to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision with your purchase of an extended warranty. I’m proud to offer only the highest quality extended vehicle warranties from the most respected and best rated companies in the extended warranty business.

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